WorkSpace Cleaners | Fall is Here and So are Allergies

Every employee has their strengths and weaknesses. They also have their own sensitivities, disabilities, abilities and medical backgrounds. It is your job as an employer to recognize these differences and be accommodating to them. Something that affects many people in seasons is allergies. Employees have rights that protect them from being uncomfortable in a workplace and it is the responsibility of the employers to abide by these rights. Allergies are defined as an overreaction to a substance that does not typically happen to others. Fall allergies are in full swing by October. Ragweed is the most common allergen trigger in the fall, where its prime time is august through late October. Even if it does not grow where you live, ragweed can travel hundreds of miles in the air. Approximately 75% of people who suffer from spring allergies also suffer from fall allergies according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.There has been found to even see symptoms through eating certain foods if not prepared correctly. Mold is another fall allergen trigger. It can be found outside and be tracked inside workplaces through shoes and other means. Mold, like pollen, can become airborne. This makes it extremely dangerous for people with pre existing health conditions. Dust mites are another large contributor to fall allergies. They are often stored in the air when first turning the heat on. They also reside in dust infested areas such as the top of hard to reach surfaces. Dusty surfaces can overtime have negative implications on workspace air. Professional cleaning companies ensure that all surfaces are whipped and the dust is eliminated before it gets into the air. Professional cleaning companies can promise the elimination of dust mites, ragweed and mold. These could possibly negatively affect your staff, inherently costing money from an avoidable sitation.

Covid allergy season

Among the age of COVID-19, all symptoms of sickness are taken seriously. The CDC recommends quarantine if there are signs of any sympoons of being sick. As we know, some symptoms of COVID-19 are cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat and congestion or runny nose. Some symptoms of allergies are difficulty breathing, cough, headache, loss of smell, sore throat and congestion and runny nose. These symptoms are so similar that if you have a staff member experiencing allergies, they very well could have COVID-19. According to the CDC, if these symptoms are present you are recommended to quarantine, even if you test negative due to the inconsistency of test results. Janitorial services can provide you with the cleaning you need to avoid allergies this fall. This in the long run saves you time and money by making sure your staff is healthy in all ways.

Work productivity affected by allergies

Allergies can cause you to feel tired, another way to lessen productivity and happiness within a work space. Dealing with allergies at work has been proven to be challenging. According to research, allergies are the second leading reason adults miss work. Research also shows that 24.5 million missed work days are due to workplace asthma. This is leaving out all other symptoms of allergies.
Workspace cleaners can prevent employees missing work by providing a safe space from allergies at work. It is said that there is a significant correlation between allergies and productivity. Shown in a study in a telephone call center, employers suffering from workplace allergies were 10% less productive as to when they were not experiencing allergy symptoms. An investment in a professional cleaning company is an investment into your employees, which in effect is an investment into bettering your workplace.

Benefits of a clean work space

The better the work environment, the better the work. For years it has been known how much of an effect that a work environment has on actual work productivity and fulfillment. Hiring a professional cleaning company can help ensure an environment your staff will thrive in. Leaving it to the professionals to clean will allow your staff to focus on their main job and not have to worry about the extra burden of cleaning. Allowing them to use their energy towards their own work proves to increase productivity. A clean work space helps increase employee morale. A clean workspace provides an employee pride that reflects onto work. The value of a clean work environment is severely underestimated as it has huge positive implications on general success to a company. Having workspace cleaners provides an overall safer workspace. Without floor services, we can prevent things like spills and slips. Workspace cleaners keeping a hygienic workspace helps decrease the chances of sickness spreading. This is important now more than ever due to COVID-19.

Phoenix Services

Phoenix provides top of the line janitorial services. Our experienced team has the knowledge to have an effective and efficient plan for any commercial space.We lay out individualized plans for every space since every space has unique needs. This allows us to service any commercial workspace. Our highly trained workspace cleaners are fully capable of cleaning any space. Through our individualized approach we are able to understand specific requirements, concerns and budgets. Our services will allow you to feel good about your purchase while seeing immediate increase in workplace pride. We are known for our janitorial services being the best of the best. Our staff will always arrive on time. They work diligently and quickly as trained professionals and ensure that every area is cleaned and sanitized with high standards. For our commercial spaces, we offer floor cleaning as well as day/night porter services, complete window washing, power washing, eco bio cleaning and enviro-safe 99.99% sanitation. When trusting us with any one of these services we offer, you will get pristine results. We work with any type of surfaces such as wood, marble, tiles, and carpet. Our workspace cleaners will fight and eliminate allergens along with preventing them from building up. Our janitorial service can promise to keep your staff and visitors clear from allergies in the workplace, allowing for a happy, clean and productive environment.

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