Why You Shouldn’t Stop Cleaning Your House | 5 Reasons Not To Ease Up On Cleaning

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Cleaning Your House

Keeping a clean environment has always been important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, within the last year, this importance has exponentially been emphasized and acted upon. Not only is a clean environment good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mental health and the health of your life choices. The environment you are in can affect your behavior, mood, physical well being and numerous other aspects. for these reasons you shouldn’t stop cleaning your house.

Cleaning Your House For Your Physical Health

Allergy triggers hide and thrive in unclean spaces. Dust mites are the most common cause of year-round allergies and asthma. Dust mites are inevitably going to be in your space, but what you do about them is what matters. When your space is not clean, these mites can thrive and duplicate at fast rates.

These mites can thrive with dead skin cells and other common things that grow on your pillows, beds, and other household items. Over 40% of the population suffer from allergies and symptoms can be so severe that they have the ability to disrupt daily life.

We have all learned over this past year how important cleaning can be to one’s physical well-being. If you are asking yourself, “Should I clean my house during covid?, the answer is hands down- YES. Since public areas are slowly opening back up, people are increasing their risk of not only being exposed to COVID-19 but other harmful viruses.

The build-up of these scary bacteria is what happens when you don’t clean your house. In turn, the likelihood of contracting a virus or sickness goes up exponentially even in the comfort of your own home and can harm others that you live with.

Some Other Health Risks Include:

  • Polluted air vents and untidy filters can contaminate the air.
  • Soiled sheets and bedding can cause skin rashes and irritations.
  • Consuming expired food/ moldy products and having a dirty fridge can result in food poisoning caused by bacterial contaminants, such as Escherichia coli or Salmonella.

Cleaning Your House For Your Mental Health

Mental health can be equally affected when looking at what happens when you don’t clean your house. When things are organized and clean, research has shown one is more likely to be focused and efficient with time. It is also known that if a space is messy and dirty- one is more likely to feel sad or overwhelmed. With the increase of people working from home, it is essential to keep your space clean to maximize the ability to work in a good environment.

Not only can it affect work, but it can affect your overall mindset. When coming home to a clean house, you will not feel overwhelmed. Stress is connected to bad mental and physical health. Sometimes you cannot control life’s stressors, but you can control the cleanliness of your space. Cutting down the stressors one has to deal with is an essential path to good mental standing, which is an essential path to good physical standing.

Potential For Critters

No one wants uninvited guests in their space. When one neglects their space, it is more likely to be inviting to pests and bugs. If the issue goes on too long, they might just decide to stay. This creates a large issue that cannot be fixed by just taking out the trash finally. These critters have the potential to not only bring in more dirt, but they might carry diseases and viruses that can put you at high risk for just living in your home.

Not paying attention to food particles can put you at high risk for other, hard-to-see critters. Old food has the potential to have microbial growth such as bacteria, yeast, or mold. These can be detrimental to your physical health and can create an unwanted smell. This wastes money and is directly unsafe for humans to live with.

Clutter also welcomes critters, as it gives them a home for themselves. The collection of anything gives them an opportunity to not be seen, therefore the ability to stay as long as they would like.

It Gets Harder the Longer You Put It Off

What happens when you don’t clean your house? It gets harder and harder to keep up with. When it finally is time to clean, it seems so daunting and overwhelming that it will get put off for even longer, creating a dangerous cycle. Creating a cleaning schedule is a good method to avoid this issue. Creating a calendar, writing notes on your fridge, or simply putting it in your phone notes can help save a lot of trouble and stress.

The Unseeable Things

Sometimes the most harmful or gross things are the smallest. Dust mites, dirt, hair, pet dander, oils, food crumbs, sweat, and other dirty materials are so small that you can miss noticing them. Just because something looks clean, the risk of harmful things on surfaces is still there and can be what happens when you don’t clean your house. Keeping up with cleaning will help avoid building up and creating an issue for you. “Should I clean my house during covid? “ .. again yes. You are not able to see COVID spores, therefore some of the most harmful things are naked to the eyes.

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