Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service | Why Your Cleaning Company Should Be Using Eco-Friendly Products

Hiring a janitorial service is always some sort of a balancing act. You have to consider things like costs, availability, and their ability for a job well done. As a building manager, it’s also vitally important to ensure that your service is also acting responsibly with the materials that they use to clean offices, lobbies, and what have you.

Here, we’re going to lay out some of the prevailing reasons why people are switching over to green cleaning companies.

Make Your Spaces Safer

We all know that chlorine and ammonia are just generally not safe for us. They may be able to make everything shine and restore things to like-new conditions, but you’re gambling a bit. Flammable and toxic aren’t usually words associated with good things happening. If there’s a healthier alternative, it makes a lot of sense to switch over to it.

Children and the elderly especially need provisions to assure that their spaces are safer, so it behooves any building manager to make sure that their space is not only clean from a looks standpoint but also cleaned responsibly.

Protect Your Health

Your tenants will assuredly appreciate another health benefit of green products. Some people have compromised immune systems, sensitive skin, and allergies that can flare up depending on the cleaning supplies that are used. What’s more, some people may not even know that they have these allergies, including you!

Symptoms such as sneezing, headaches, skin rashes, and coughing are common for many people. There’s a good chance that they’ll clear up once you shift over to supplies that are better for the environment. Even if there isn’t a physical reaction to chemicals in many cleaners, we all know that there are well-known carcinogens, neurotoxins, teratogens, and mutagens commonly found in the most popular brands.

These are downright dangerous additives that simply don’t have to be around anywhere where people are.

No One Likes the Smell

While this isn’t as important as the first two points, an unpleasant smell is an unpleasant smell. Regardless of how the manufacturers dress it up, you’re still using some of the most noxious smelling things found on the planet. If you have a particularly dirty or space that needs a deep cleaning, you’re probably not going to make many friends on the tenant front.

Everyone wants their space to be clean, neat and smelling good. It’s almost counterproductive to go through all of the work to tidy up a place and have it smelling like an industrial plant.

Green cleaning supplies are generally filled with essential oils with smells that people actively seek out and purchase on their own.

Protect the Environment

Obviously, protecting the environment is what green cleaning is all about. Mother Nature has given us a gift of the Earth and many feel as if we should protect it at all costs. Green manufacturers of cleaning supplies are non-toxic, safe, and biodegradable. An eco-friendly cleaning service is an extension of the green manufacturer’s work.

At the very least, they’re not proponents of manufacturers who contribute to water and air pollution, ozone depletion, and climate change. While this may not be at the forefront of a building manager’s mind when they’re hiring for a whole building, but we all have a responsibility to keep the environment as safe as we can for generations to come. It starts with simple tweaks to our behavior to have this happen.

Giving Back

More often than not, you’ll find that green companies are generally great at giving back to their communities. They usually hold fundraisers, donation drives, and other events in an effort to help out those that need it. Social responsibility is all of our responsibility, and purchasing from these companies assure that more people understand how important it is to keep our planet safe.

Local or globally, it’s always important for us to buy from companies who are willing to donate many of their proceeds to like-minded organizations that will further education.

Possibly Cheaper

If money is your issue, it’s important to consider a janitorial service that uses eco-friendly products. The reason for this is simple; green products are cheaper to make and they can do multiple jobs. On the other hand, many leading brands of cleaning supplies create a variety of products that can essentially do the same thing.

If a company uses a whole truck full of materials and products, it may seem good at first, but understand that they’re passing those costs to their customers. Their overhead is hugely important, and the more things they’ll need to get the job done, the more that they’re probably are going to charge.

For example, vinegar is probably one of the most versatile cleaners out there. It can function as a mold and mildew remover, glass cleaner, and even a more than competent toilet bowl cleaner.

This one spray bottle has just replaced three toxic and expensive products.

Know the Ingredients

Most of us are pretty cognizant of what we’re ingesting, but not necessarily what’s in our cleaning supplies. It’s a pretty strange thing, especially when you consider that the ingredients in cleaning supplies can cause irreparable harm in just a few minutes. These poisons are consistently degrading the quality of our lives.

With a green solution, you know exactly what’s in there and that creates peace of mind. Knowing that all of these ingredients are not only proven to work, but also proven to keep you safe, the benefits generally speak for themselves.

Also, considering that many of these services create their own products, you can know that they’re probably not taking any shortcuts.

Insist on a Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

All in all, an eco-friendly cleaning service is a no brainer. They’re almost promised to use other ethical practices, clean efficiently, and will save you some money because you don’t have to deal with more of their overheard.

You also get to feel great about the fact that you’re doing your part against climate change, pollution, and a general disdain for the environment by companies who have been setting the Earth back from prosperity.

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