What Are The Benefits of a Pressure Washing Service?

What are the benefits of pressure washing?

Whether you own residential or commercial property, pressure washing the building provides both short and long term benefits.  The exterior surfaces of your building are exposed to residue from a variety of sources, such as dirt, pollution, spills, mildew, birds, spider webs, oil, gum, and graffiti. Some of the residue and its effects are readily apparent. However, some of the residue and its effects build up slowly over time, so the effects that slowly dull your property aren’t as noticeable. To get this done properly you will need to find a pressure washing service. Pressure washing can remove this residue and its effects, providing the following benefits for you.

1. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is generally associated with residential property that is on the market. However, curb appeal is important for all residential and commercial properties. For residential property, the way the property looks can affect how the occupants feel about their home and how others view them. As residue builds up on the house, it can make the property appear duller and less well maintained. Hiring a pressure washing service will brighten and refresh the exterior of your home. While some climates and environments may require pressure washing twice a year, the general recommendation is that it should be done annually. A good time to pressure wash your property could be in the spring when you do your annual landscaping. Then, if or when you decide to sell, you do not have multiple years of residue build-up to remove.

For businesses, pressure washing should be just as much a part of your commercial cleaning as your janitorial service. It creates a better impression of your business to employees, customers, and the general public. If you lease space in your building, it will make the space more desirable and raise the market value of the property.

To judge the effect pressure washing can have on the perception of your residential or commercial property and you or your business, think about a new residential community or commercial building. The exterior is bright, clean, positive, and energetic. Now, consider neighborhoods and business districts that have existed for a while. They can be neatly maintained, but they don’t feel as energetic as the new building with its bright and clean surface. Now, try and think if you have ever seen an older building after it has been cleaned. It does display a bright, energetic newness, and features that you never noticed previously, now stand out. This positive impression will transfer to the resident or the business, heighten the morale of the occupants, and increase the desirability of the property.

2. Preventive Maintenance

Pressure washing isn’t just about the appearance of your property. It is actually preventive maintenance. Some of the residue build-up, such as pollutants and acidic bird droppings, contain elements that can cause damage to surfaces. Mold residue can cause damage, stains, and health issues. By removing the damaging residue, pressure washing reduces the amount and costs of repairs needed in the future.

3. Improving Additional Areas

Pressure washing is beneficial to the appearance and long term maintenance of areas other than the main building or the exterior of your residential or commercial property. For residential property, pressure washing can remove stains and refresh the sidewalks, driveway, garage floor, decks, patios, pools, outdoor furniture, and fences. For businesses, areas to pressure wash include the sidewalks, parking lot, loading dock, and sculptures.

4. Pressure Washing Creates a Healthier Environment

Just as some of the residues on exterior surfaces can cause physical damage to the property, the residue also can cause health and safety issues. The health risk may not be as serious as in the enclosed interior areas. However, the deposits of dust, dirt, pollutants, pollen, mildew, and bird droppings can affect the air quality on your property, causing allergic reactions and health issues. In addition, some residue such as grease and oil can be slippery and become a fall hazard. Pressure washing can eliminate these issues.

Exterior Painting or Staining Preparation

Before painting or staining any exterior surface, pressure washing the surface will clean it completely, allowing the paint or stain to adhere better and last longer. It also will allow the new paint or stain to apply evenly and not show darker or lighter spots. It is a step in preparation for painting or staining that should not be skipped. As a matter of fact, after your property has been pressure washed, you may decide that it doesn’t actually need new paint or stain, yet.

Graffiti Removal

Unfortunately, graffiti is an issue that many residential and commercial property owners have to have removed. Pressure washing can quickly and easily solve this issue. Furthermore, many times, if the perpetrators learn that the graffiti will be quickly removed, they will not bother your building again.

Hire a Professional

Instead of risking the dangers of harsh chemicals and slippery ladders, hire a professional pressure washing service that uses eco-friendly, biodegradable detergents and varying water pressure and water temperatures to clean the exterior of your property. Furthermore, by hiring a professional, the risk of broken windows and other property damage is removed. Pressure washing is also quicker, more powerful, and uses significantly less water than using a garden hose. So for the best overall results, hire a professional commercial cleaning or janitorial service to pressure wash the exterior areas of your residential or commercial property.

Phoenix Service

Phoenix Service, serving Washington DC metropolitan area, northern Virginia, and Maryland, is a commercial cleaning and janitorial service company that provides a pressure washing service. Our commitment is to delivering the highest possible quality service at a reasonable price. Whether we are providing our customers with commercial or residential cleaning or pressure washing we have a history of exceeding our customer’s expectations for over 25 years.
Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer all your questions and prepare a plan that takes your budget into consideration and that is designed for your residential or commercial property. Call us or contact us online to receive a quote.

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