Strip and Waxing Floors| Strip and Wax Your Floors For Better Business Results

In business, keeping your establishment looking it’s best is always a smart investment in growth and reputation. The one part of your building that is likely to get the most use over time is, not surprisingly, your flooring. To help keep your work environment clean, safer, and healthier for everyone, commercial cleaning and floor waxing services help to promote a more healthful enterprise. Today we will talk about strip and waxing floors will get you better business results.

Reasons To Use A Commercial Cleaner For Your Flooring

Proper maintenance and care help to preserve your flooring, as well as clear away debris, germs, and dirt that accumulate as visitors, employees, guests, and customers walk around public or private areas. For customers who have nearly endless options and vendors available to them, a clean floor reflects that the owners and managers are on top of their game and taking all the necessary steps to maintain high levels of hygiene and sanitation at their place of business.

Dirty and sticky floors are generally disgusting, and a significant turn-off for potential customers and clients. As a successful company owner or manager, you want every impression on your potential clients and customers to be positive. Sticky or dirty floors reflect poorly on your management, maintenance, and janitorial team. Guests have to ask themselves if the floor is that nasty, how sanitary can the rest of the establishment be?

When you hire a professional floor cleaning company to care for your floors, you never have to worry about an employee not cleaning, strip, and waxing the flooring to the highest standard. When you hire commercial flooring cleaners, they use the best equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure your flooring is sparkling clean.

Further, professional floor care helps to extend the longevity and improve the appearance and performance of your floor.

Reduce Moisture With Strip And Waxing Floors

A strip and waxing floors help to protect them against moisture penetration, which can cause irreparable damages such as warping or bubbling in wooden floors. Wax forms a water-resistant seal that prevents liquids from penetrating the floor surface and seeping into the core. When water or other liquids permeate deep into the wood grains, it can result in uneven floors or worst-case scenarios, the floorboards rotting or becoming discolored. It should come as no surprise that floors with water damage pose a significant safety hazard to anyone using them.

When adequately stripped and waxed, the only concern might be the freshly treated floor might prove a bit slippery. Further, this flooring treatment helps to prevent dust from building up, which helps to improve indoor air quality.

Strip and Waxing Floors |Restore The Beauty Of Your Wooden Floors

Regardless of whether your business has solid hardwood, wooden laminate, or engineered hardwood, there is almost no way to avoid wear and tear from substantial amounts of foot traffic. Damages like knicks, dings, scratches, and dirt buildup can detract from the natural beauty of your flooring.

While the precise time to strip and wax your wooden floor can vary based on several factors, including the wood type and the amount of foot traffic, this process lifts the top layer of wood. It exposes a new top coat that promptly gets waxed and sealed to help protect the delicate inner cords.

Generally, solid hardwood can last for many years when proper care and maintenance gets taken. Other wood flooring options are more affordable than solid hardwood, including engineered hardwood or wooden laminate. The disadvantage of these lower-cost options is that they have fewer refinishes in them than their natural counterparts. Once the floor has got down to the last refinish, it must get replaced.

Keep Other Flooring Types Looking Sharp And Spiffy

Undoubtedly, all flooring types are susceptible to gathering dust, dirt, and debris. After several wax applications, it isn’t uncommon to notice imperfections that make your flooring look less than perfect. Every use of wax accumulates. A strip and wax is the most aggressive cleaning method for areas including:

  • Reception areas
  • Ballrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining areas
  • Retail space
  • Guest rooms
  • Banquet halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Hallways
  • Private offices
  • Public meeting areas
  • Check-In areas
  • Waiting rooms
  • Public offices

This process includes three critical steps. The first step is stripping the floor. During this step, the top wax coating and other buildup get removed from the surface, leaving a bare floor. Once revealed, step two happens next. During stage two, the floor receives a protectant sealant. The last phase is waxing the floor to restore a like-new luster.

Floors with high traffic should ideally get stripped and waxed once every four to six months. Medium or lower traffic flooring should undergo this cleaning method at least once annually.

A Clean Floor Signifies A Company That Cares

Ultimately, your customers and potential customers can see that you are mindful of your business when your floors are sparkling clean. In a time in the world where your image is everything, dirty floors don’t look professional, and they sure won’t help you garner glowing reviews on the internet.

In industries such as healthcare or elderly care, sanitary housing for residents and guests plays an overall critical role in their health and wellbeing. Floor cleaning and floor waxing help to lift germs, bacteria, and other potential contaminants from the floor.

In foodservice and entertainment businesses such as cafeterias, commercial kitchens, catering businesses, restaurants, nightclubs, clean floors help to ensure that your establishment meets all health codes. Employees can work with confidence knowing the floors are clean and sanitary.

You can worry less about customers getting influenced by dirty or sticky floors. It is a lackluster show that is more likely to predict the failure of your company in the foodservice business. Stained floors make people think of dirty kitchens. Then they decide to take their business elsewhere in self-interest.

Disinfection Helps Stop The Spread Of Germs And Bacteria

If you need to disinfect your flooring in between waxing, it is always important to follow the best practices for cleaning your floor. Since some flooring materials are sensitive to the use of harsh chemicals, you should always use a gentle solution when disinfecting.

To make sure that the solution you are using is powerful enough to disinfect without doing damage to your flooring material. A simple disinfectant mixture made with a gallon of warm water and a half a cup of white vinegar is a disinfecting mixture that can get applied with a mop on wood floors.

The white vinegar contains acetic acid that kills bacteria on wooden floors without causing damage. Never use bleach to clean wooden indoor floors, as this liquid can cause significant damage and staining to wood floors.

A Warm Welcome Way Paves The Road To Happy Customers

Experiences are all about the entrance. By making sure that everyone who comes to your business gets greeted with fresh, crisp floors, they’ll know that you’re all about your business.

If you want to gain more business, having stellar reviews helps to build your business reputation and increased interest online. By taking the time and making an effort, no one has to let their first step into your business be a sticky one.

Commercial cleaning, strip, and waxing services help to ensure that your floors always look their best, so your company still has a foundation of cleanliness at the foot of the business. Leaving the work to professional floor cleaners helps you to streamline your operations with friendly, prompt, and scheduled cleaning services that fit your individualized needs.

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