Professional Office Cleaners | How Office Life Will Change after Covid-19

With the effects of COVID-19 in the minds of many, some may wonder how everyday life will change after the pandemic ends. This includes traveling, interacting with others, and even working at the office. If you want an idea of how to change the office life for your business, then check out some of these ideas created by our professional office cleaners.

Regular Professional Cleaning

Keep in mind that your janitors can only do so much cleaning, so you should consider hiring professional office cleaners to keep the office in peak condition. You need to remember that the janitors you hire only have access to the supplies available, but professional cleaners have access to more equipment.

Professional office cleaners can offer a variety of services that your usual janitors don’t have access to.

  • Deep clean carpets.
  • Shining and cleaning of any wood or tile flooring.
  • Use special vacuums that can improve the air quality of your office.

Since your office needs to remain clean, you should hire professional cleaners on a regular basis.

Remember that your janitors still matter and that you need them to handle daily cleaning. However, after COVID-19, you should consider taking the initiative and keeping your office as clean as possible. This way, you can minimize germs in the office space and provide a safe environment for your employees.

Higher Hygiene Standards

Many offices will establish higher hygiene standards for people to work in the office. This way, you can minimize the germs that come into the office while encouraging your employees to remain clean. This way, they can be healthier and prevent themselves from catching any sicknesses.

For example, your business could require people to come to work only if they took a shower that day. On top of that, you should also require your employees to keep their hands clean with soap or hand sanitizer, especially after they use the bathroom or touch food. This will help people to keep themselves clean while inside of the office.

Make sure to spend some time looking into ways that you can encourage better hygiene and health in your office. For example, you can make sure to focus on office disinfecting and sanitizing to keep it clean. Regular cleaning will help you to minimize the germs in your office space.

Stricter Sickness Regulations

Overall, people will become more concerned when it comes to people catching illnesses. Sickness is a natural part of life, but your employees will become worried if someone comes into work sick. Due to this, you may need to place stricter sickness regulations in the office to prevent people from going into work when they feel sick.

Here are a few examples of regulations that you can add to the office to keep people safe from germs.

  • Everyone needs to wash their hands as soon as they enter the building.
  • If you eat in your office, wash your hands afterwards and use disinfectant wipes to clean any messes.
  • If you touch someone else’s equipment, then you need to wash your hands afterwards.

Setting up regulations like these will help you to avoid spreading illness while helping your employees to feel safe at work.

However, keep in mind that you will need to be flexible and understanding for people with certain conditions. For example, if any of your employees have allergies, then they can inform you about them, and let their co-workers know, so that they don’t have to make anyone else worry about catching an illness.

Avoid Direct Contact with Others

Your office should also focus on avoiding direct contact between your employees. When people spend more time next to each other, they can spread more germs to each other, which increases the odds of them catching diseases. This can happen even if someone doesn’t appear sick since they can be carriers for diseases.

You can do this by asking your employees to avoid activities that would involve them getting in direct contact with one another.

  • Don’t give handshake, but wave at each other instead.
  • Avoid sitting next to each other whenever possible, striving to stay at least six feet apart.
  • Don’t touch anyone else’s equipment or electronics that they use regularly.

As people avoid contact with one another, they can lower the spread of disease. Make sure that you encourage your employees to avoid such contact so that they can remain safe while they work on their various projects.

Provide Personal Space

Each of your employees should have an area of their own to work in. As they do so, they can do their best to stay away from each other by remaining in their own work areas to do what they need to. Depending on the way that you have the office set up, you can provide personal space for each of your employees.

Some businesses have individual offices that each person works at, so this keeps it straight forward. If you have cubicles, then you can have each person stay in theirs and ask them to avoid entering any other ones.

However, others may have people working in the same room. If this is the case, see if you can adjust the positions of all the desks to give them a bit of space between each other. This way, you can minimize contact between everyone. If you can’t move anything around, then ask your employees to avoid touching each others’ desks.

In essence, just do your best to provide at least some personal space for each employee so they don’t have to worry as much about germs.

More Use of Technology

If your office can use technology more, then you can lower the number of people in your office while keeping people away from each other. For example, you can allow some of your employees to work from home with work laptops or their personal computers. This way, people that feel sick or are more susceptible to sickness can avoid going in the office.

On top of this, you can further minimize contact between people by using technology.

  • Have employees send emails to each other with information on tasks and assignments.
  • Let employees give quick updates to their managers by sending text messages or calling them.
  • Encourage people to use video calls to meet with clients rather than setting up a meeting in person.

Look into the different types of technology that your business has available and think of ways that you can incorporate them into the daily work process. This way, you can further encourage people to keep their distance as they continue working on projects and performing the tasks that they need to do.


Office life will change in a variety of ways, but it will all work out. Sure, you may need to be more careful and become more aware of how you interact with others, but it’s necessary to avoid disease. Make sure to remember these points so that you can use office disinfecting and sanitizing strategies to keep everyone safe.

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