Professional Apartment Cleaners | Summer Allergens and How You Can Keep Your Apartment Clean

Summer Allergens and How You Can Keep Your Apartment Clean

With the arrival of spring and summer, a lot of great things like cookouts, warmer weather, and swimming pools come with it. Summer weather means outdoor activities and outdoor fun, but unfortunately, allergies also come with summer. Spring allergies are bad enough, but when warm weather is here to stay, allergies can get downright severe.

Apartment living has a lot of perks like swimming pools, workout rooms, and other outdoor amenities such as basketball and tennis courts, but apartment complexes also have a lot of outdoor flowers, trees, and other plants that can contribute to allergies. While it’s impossible to regulate every outdoor area of your apartment complex, you can maintain each apartment and help keep it free of allergens to promote better respiratory and breathing health for tenants. Many common allergens can be eliminated with regular cleaning and maintenance of your apartment or units in your complex if you’re an owner or apartment manager. Hiring professional apartment cleaners is just what you need to combat against allergens this season.

Why Allergies get Worse in Summer

Allergies get more severe in summer. While the biggest culprit to summer allergies is pollen, some other triggers that can send your allergies into overdrive during warmer weather. Some things that can influence allergies in summer include:


*Weed growth

*Increased activity of stinging and biting insects

*Growth of small things in warm moist air such as mold and dust mites

While it’s impossible to protect yourself from every type of allergy trigger at all times, it is possible to keep your apartment units clean and virtually allergen free and provide tenants with a clean and comfortable living environment. By using an apartment complex cleaning service, keeping property grounds maintained and free of weeds, and posting tips on how to keep apartments clean, you can greatly lower triggers for allergies in your apartments.

Reduce Allergens With Professional Cleaning

When it comes to keeping apartment units clean and free from allergens, there’s nothing better or more effective than using a professional. Professional apartment cleaners offer reliability, expertise, and convenience. When the time comes to clean your apartment, it has to done right the first time. Some areas often get overlooked by tenants when cleaning before a move-out and by staff when cleaning a vacant unit.

Areas such as underneath appliances, inside cabinets, and hard to reach places can harbor insect parts and waste which can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Professional apartment cleaners are trained and experienced in cleaning apartments to ensure they are up to your high standards and provide a safe and clean living environment for your tenants. It’s crucial to keep areas where dust or mold can build-up clean and sanitary. This means maintaining a regular cleaning schedule and using a reputable cleaning service on a weekly or monthly basis or whenever deep cleaning is necessary.

Why you Need a Professional Apartment Cleaning Service

Two of the most crucial times to use a professional apartment cleaning service is during move-in and move-out periods, but regular cleaning of common areas such as gyms, laundry rooms, party rooms, and offices is crucial as well. Keeping these areas clean can greatly benefit tenants, staff, and visitors. To keep allergens low, cleaning community areas such as laundry and exercise rooms in extremely important. Dust accumulation, as well as dust mites and pollen build-up in these areas, can increase allergy symptoms, and Keeping these common areas clean and well-maintained will help to reduce allergies for guests, staff, and tenants. Professional cleaning also keeps your property looking its absolute best and is attractive to potential renters.

Benefits of a Professional Apartment Cleaning Services

The benefits of using a professional apartment cleaning service far outweigh the cost. While using staff to clean apartment units and common areas can save money in the short term, using a professional service can save money and generate greater income in the long run. Here are some of the benefits of using a professional cleaning service.

Happier tenants

When apartment tenants are happy, they stay longer. A clean and well-maintained apartment complex is a major reason why tenants renew their leases and keep their rooms, and a clean and healthy complex keeps tenants.

Greater occupancy

Nothing is better for any business than positive referrals. When your renters are happy and satisfied, they talk about it and are more likely to recommend the property as a good place to rent. Keeping renters and tenants satisfied by showing them that you keep a clean, healthy, and well-maintained property allows you to keep renters longer and maintain a fully rented apartment complex. Clean and well-sanitized apartments also have a greater chance of being leased to potential renters.

Thorough cleaning

Using a professional cleaning service guarantees an effective and thorough cleaning of your apartments. Professional apartment cleaners not only use the best chemicals and equipment for effective cleaning to remove common allergens such as pet dander, insect parts, dust, and mold, they also have extensive knowledge and experience in cleaning in a safe and effective manner. Areas such as underneath appliances, ceilings, ceiling fans, and HVAC vents are critical areas where dust and mold can accumulate. A professional cleaning service can ensure the proper cleaning of these and other critical areas.

Lower cost

Using a professional cleaning service can save money in the long run. While using staff to clean units can have a lower initial cost, it can add up in money paid to staff for cleaning, loss of rentals due to poor cleaning, cost of cleaning supplies and equipment, and injuries to staff while cleaning. The monthly and yearly cost of using a professional can be much lower than using your own staff and since workers are under the employ of the cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about the cost of any injuries that may occur or the cost and storage of supplies and equipment.

Apartment Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Keeping your apartments clean to prevent and reduce allergies will require some daily and weekly cleaning activities. Here are a few cleaning tips for allergy sufferers that can provide relief from allergy symptoms.

Make a cleaning schedule- If you suffer from allergies, then cleaning and dusting on a daily basis is essential, especially if you don’t check the daily pollen forecast. Break your cleaning schedule into small, manageable daily tasks that will keep your apartment free of dust and pollen.

Keep carpets clean- Carpets can trap a lot of allergy-causing materials. Vacuum at least twice a week, and have your carpets steam-cleaned at least every three months.

Curtains and blinds- Windows let in a lot of dust and pollen, so it stands to reason that your window treatments will collect a lot of these materials. If your curtains are machine safe, then wash them every week or vacuum them with an attachment for your vacuum cleaner. If you have blinds, then invest in a microfiber blind cleaner, and wipe them down once or twice per week.

Maintaining a healthy and allergy-free apartment complex and apartments begins with a thorough cleaning. An apartment complex cleaning service is the perfect solution to providing and maintaining clean and healthy apartments for tenants and for maintaining a fruitful and profitable apartment complex.

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