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Are you considering your options for a reliable cleaning service company? Don’t look further than Phoenix Service, L.L.C. We are a results-oriented, multi-faceted facility maintenance and janitorial company known all over Virginia and the surrounding areas.

We know there are many choices when deciding which company to clean your home or office, so that’s why we strive to make our services stand out from the crowd. We are not just another cleaning company. We have been in this industry for several years, and we are members of the Apartment & Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Living or working in a clean environment is important for good health and general well-being. Just one bacteria can grow exponentially and wreak havoc in your home within a day. This is also the case with other disease-causing vectors, including animals.

That’s why you need to keep them at bay. To ensure your home or office is spotlessly clean, you must hire professional cleaners such as Phoenix Service in Virginia.

Here are the reasons we are better than other janitorial services.

We Offer a Variety of Services

Our commitment is to ensure your family, tenants, customers, or employees work or live in a healthy and comfortable environment. That’s why we offer a variety of services and diversified options.

We aren’t like other janitorial companies that cut corners. We have to ensure when we leave your home/office, and everything will sparkle. Our services include:

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our cleaning process has made us the first choice for many commercial facility managers. If you are looking for commercial cleaning services, Phoenix Service should be on top of your list.

We have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and personnel to handle any commercial cleaning project. And we can clean all types of facilities because we have trained cleaners. What should you expect from us? Here are just a few of the things that our cleaners can do.

Janitorial Services

In the whole of Virginia, no company can beat us in janitorial services. Our staff will arrive at your premises within no time, do a perfect job, and leave you with a smile on your face. They’ll ensure they have cleaned and sanitized all areas before they leave.

Floor Cleaning

Whether you are a manufacturing company having all manner of spillage on the floors or own a hospital, our cleaners, and hospital janitors won’t discriminate. They will do everything to ensure they exceed your expectations. We can clean all floor surfaces, including carpets, tiles, marble, wood, and concrete.

Here is a list of other commercial cleaning services that we offer:

● Sanitization

Eco bio-cleaning

● Power washing

● Window washing

● Night/day porter services

● Floorcare

In all our cleaning processes, we put the environment first. That’s why we’ve designed eco-friendly procedures and use safe chemicals to ensure you and your employees remain safe as we work.

Janitorial Services For Residential Buildings

When we come to clean your home, we understand that you and your family need some privacy. Our cleaners will never go beyond the boundaries you’ve set. We have many satisfied clients in Virginia who keep referring new clients to us. We clean both condominiums and apartments for corporate and personal residences.

Whether you want a one-off cleaning service or a scheduled cleaning, we are available at your service. You can choose weekly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, or even monthly cleaning. Just let us know.

We’ll clean the floors, kitchens, bathrooms, walls, etc, not leaving any area untouched. We’ll scrub, polish, and vacuum every part of the building to ensure no dirt, dust, grime, oil, is left. Once you call us, we’ll come to your home when that’s most convenient for you. We don’t want to interfere with your daily work schedule.

The residential cleaning services we offer include:

● Power washer – garage maintenance

● Apartment turnover

● Window washing

● Recycling programs

● Polishing stone floors

● Upholstery and carpet care

● Restroom sanitation

● Cleaning of the condo complex

We offer customized residential cleaning services, so you can call us and let us know in advance if you have any special requirements.

Bonded, Certified, and Insured

Since the inception of Phoenix Services, we’ve been delivering first-class cleaning services, thanks to our bonded, certified, and insured employees. We’ll go over and above to ensure our clients live in clean and safe environments. That’s why we only hire trained and certified staff. Our employees undergo continuous training to ensure they are on par with the current cleaning equipment and technology.

The fact that the recognized authorities certify our cleaners is a testimony that they are up to the task. We value insurance because we want to protect both our employees and clients against any form of liability. So should any accident occur in your home/office during the cleaning process (which rarely happens), you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of by our insurance company.

We monitor our facility janitors closely to lower turnover rates and ensure they understand what our clients expect. Our inspectors and experienced supervisors enforce quality control mechanisms to ensure we meet or even exceed the industry standards.

Trustworthy and Professional

We understand how difficult it can be to have strangers in your office or home, moving from one room to the next in the name of cleaning. The fear you might have borders of trust. But you need not worry. When it comes to hiring new employees, we have a rigorous process that includes background checks to ensure we only hire the right people.

We check their criminal records and whether they abuse drugs. Everyone who steps into your premises must have been drug-screened, background checked, and had their training and employment history verified.

After hiring them, they are again re-trained on professional ethics to know how to conduct themselves as they discharge their duties. We don’t want to take chances. The good news is that we have any satisfied customers that you can talk to so you can get to understand how we operate.


We are not in this business for fun. That’s why we’ve been in this business for over 25 years, setting the standard for other janitorial companies. Our mission is to provide our customers with consistent results on matters of quality and customer service.

With this experience, we understand Phoenix’s needs and can accommodate various service requests. We guarantee 100% satisfaction because we stand behind our work. We would not want to receive complaints but complements. Our environmentally conscious products and professional acumen are the best combinations to transform our customers’ offices or homes into a chemical-free, organized, and healthy environment.

Excellent Customer Service

Our company exists because of our customers. This is a statement we keep emphasizing to our employees. That’s why we’ve built strong relationships with our customers and have been serving them for many years. We have several communication channels because we believe this is the best way to always keep in touch with our clients. When you can call us, we’ll respond promptly and offer you a chance to explain your requirements. We’ll then form a team of experts to be in charge of your cleaning assignment.

On matters of charges, we offer the best rates in the market. We want to make our services affordable so Phoenix’s residents can live and work in a clean environment. The advantage of our payment system is that we don’t have any hidden charges. You’ll get to know what you are supposed to pay beforehand – no surprises.

Call Today!

We are eagerly waiting for your call. Whether you need office cleaning, commercial cleaning, facility janitors, hospital janitors or residential cleaning service or want to inquire about other janitorial services we offer, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Our team is always on standby to receive your call and set the ball rolling.

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