As a business owner or manager, you have numerous decisions to make when it comes to the operation of your business. One of these is what type of cleaning service you should hire and whether they should be environmentally friendly commercial cleaners.

There will be many factors in making this decision such as cost, reliability, their reputation in the industry with other companies and other considerations. One point you should definitely take into account when looking at any janitorial service is what types of cleaners they use.

Being environmentally responsible is uppermost in the minds of a lot more people today than it was just a decade ago. This is true for both commercial and residential purchasers of cleaning products or services. There are definite advantages in seeking out environmentally friendly commercial cleaners. The following are six of these benefits that you may want to give some thought to while you’re considering whether to go with a traditional or eco-friendly cleaning service.

  1. Healthier Work Environment

    As a business, you seek to give yourself a competitive advantage in the marketplace when trying to attract high-quality employees. Hiring environmentally friendly commercial cleaners gives you one more positive attribute to tell potential employees when considering whether to work there. If they have allergies or suffer from asthma, they’ll know that you offer a work environment without harsh chemicals, so there will be much less of a chance of their problems being triggered by such substances. Repeated inhaling of harsh chemical cleaners over time can even give people asthma when they never had it before.
  2. Superior Air Quality

    The sense of smell is powerful, and this is particularly so for business. You may have become aware of this fact whenever walking past a fast food place, and it seems like they’re deliberately blowing the smell of those burgers and fries out into the air to entice you into their establishment.

    While not every business can have products that can avail themselves of such a powerful smell-based marketing scheme, potential customers can definitely be turned off by unpleasant odors. Few people want to walk into any business and be overwhelmed by a smell of bleach or some other harsh chemical odor. Because they are made with natural ingredients, green cleaners tend to have more pleasant odors, which can only serve to give your business a more enticing atmosphere overall.
  3. Surprisingly Economical

    Many of us have come to expect that a green option for just about anything will cost more, but this is not necessarily the case. When it comes to keeping your retail business or office spaces clean, using green products yourself or hiring an eco-friendly janitorial service won’t necessarily cost more than those that use harsh chemicals. Even if some environmentally friendly cleaning products may cost more than traditional alternatives, a cleaning service will be able to buy cleaners in bulk and pass these savings onto their clients.
  4. One More Reason for a Sense of Pride in Your Business

    You may already take pride in your company and probably with good reason. Knowing that you’re doing what you can to help the environment and your employees’ health and safety will only give you one more reason. It will also help you attract more good employees when they realize you are a business that cares about more than just your bottom line.
  5. You’ll Likely Attract More Customers

    If you employ an eco-friendly cleaning service, you should brag about this fact any place you can. Put this information on your website and in social media posts. Many people are environmentally conscious today and are naturally attracted to businesses that demonstrate that they also care about the environment. Given that an eco-friendly janitorial service usually won’t cost more than one that isn’t, this is essentially free positive publicity that you can have simply by your choice of what cleaners or cleaning service to use.
  6. Let’s Not Forget That You’ll Be Helping the Environment

    Businesses, especially big ones, are seen by many as heartless corporations that are only looking out for their own bottom line and making as much money as possible. As a business owner or manager yourself, you know that you care about more than only making money and doing whatever you have to in order to pad your bottom line.

    Especially if you have kids, you want to leave them and their kids a planet with breathable air, clean water and an overall hospitable environment. The actions that every individual and business take add up to have a cumulative impact on our environment. By using green cleaning products or employing services that use them, you’ll know you’re doing your part to keep our world a place you’ll want your kids to grow up in. At the end of the day, our own decisions on such matters are all that we really have any control over.

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaners in Sterling, Virginia

Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to do right by your customers, employees, the environment and your conscience, and you’ve decided to hire a green cleaning service to keep your offices, warehouse or retail establishment looking and smelling clean. There’s still the matter of who to hire.

If your company is in the Sterling, Virginia area, please consider Phoenix Service, LLC. They provide high-level cleaning performance accompanied by a tremendous amount of knowledge in this field. They serve commercial and residential customers and believe in putting customer satisfaction and service above all else.

Phoenix Service, LLC provides complete green cleaning services. This means they’ll get your floors, windows, carpets, tiles, tables and everything else sparkling clean and sanitary. Additionally, you can take comfort in the knowledge that they accomplished this using cleaner that you know will keep your workspaces healthy and safe for your employees and customers. They are aware of all OSHA workplace safety standards and only use environmentally-friendly products, so please contact them today for a free custom quote. Their experienced staff will cost-effectively follow a customized cleaning plan to get your offices and any retail spaces clean and sanitary.

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