Efficient Assisted Living Cleaning Services

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Assisted Living Cleaning Services in the D.C. Metropolitan, Northern Virginia, and Maryland areas. 

As the owner or manager of a retirement community, nursing home, or other assisted living facility, you know how vitally important it is to meet the needs of your staff and patients. Read on to find out about how we can help provide you with the best-assisted living cleaning services in the D.C. Metropolitan, Northern Virginia, and Maryland areas. 


Cleaning Is A Top Priority of Assisted Living Facilities

As stated in this Assisted Living Visit Checklist on seniorliving.org, one of the top things to look for in an assisted living facility is cleanliness and sanitation. 

  • Are the grounds well taken care of? Is anything run-down or broken?
  • Do you see dirt, stains, or smell odors? (An odor contained to a small area may suggest a recent accident, whereas an odor in a larger area suggests a problem.)
  • Are appropriate safety measures in place? (Look for grab bars, emergency exit guides on walls, call buttons, safety locks on windows and doors, smoke detectors and overhead sprinklers.)
  • Are the residents well-groomed, happy, and friendly? (Ask residents how long they have lived there and how they feel about the facility.)
  • Do residents willingly participate in social activities or do they seem distant and bored?
  • Are staff members friendly and attentive?

This further emphasizes the importance of facilities being immaculate. When families walk through the doors of your facility, they instantly begin to look at each and every detail because they want to make sure they are entrusting their loved ones with people who care about them as much as they do. You want to make sure your patients and their families feel comfortable in knowing they are in a clean and sanitary environment. From the walls, rugs, and counters in the waiting room, to the bedding in the bedrooms, to the toilets and tubs in the bathrooms, make sure you hire a team who will be observant of even the tiniest details. Whether you are looking for retirement home cleaning, nursing home cleaners, or any other assisted living cleaning services, Phoenix Service LLC has you covered. 


Eco-Friendly and Residue Free With HaloFogger™

While keeping our retirement and nursing homes clean, we must be sure to keep our Earth clean too. In this time of uncertainty, we at Phoenix Services LLC are still keeping in mind the state of our environment and doing our part to lessen our carbon footprint. Our products are eco-friendly and residue-free. Eco-friendly does not mean they are any less powerful. In fact, our systems reduce infections in all settings by killing 99.9999% of resistant C difficile spores, even in areas we cannot reach with the use of UV.


The HaloFogger™ uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide, silver ions, and a proprietary formula to destroy a broad spectrum of microorganisms and provide antimicrobial qualities. These particles break down into water, oxygen, and non-toxic and non-corrosive silver complexes.


Safe and Effective For Our Most Compromised Demographic

Our elderly and immunocompromised patients are often most at risk for respiratory distress and skin infections. Many common house-hold and commercial cleaners are made with harsh chemicals that irritate the lungs and skin, which can lead to allergic and asthmatic symptoms as well as rashes. Phoenix Service ensures the health and safety of your patients by using bleach and fragrance-free disinfectants by Enviro Safe, which contain no ethanol and PAA. 


Not only are they perfect for human use, they are also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because they are safe for use on ceramic and tile such as those found in showers, tubs, toilets and countertops, and around appliances and other electrical equipment found in kitchens or entertainment rooms. 



Our worldwide pandemic is creating an environment that is bringing health concerns to the forefront of our minds. With Covid-19, it is crucial, more now than ever, to ensure the best in retirement home cleaning, nursing home cleaning, and assisted living cleaning services. It is in these places where our most immunocompetent live. They trust you to keep them as safe as you possibly can. We at Phoenix Services LLC can help you take care of your patience right now. Not only will we work with you on every detail of the process, but, our sister company, Envirosafe, has a patented formula that kills coronavirus. In combination with this formula and our HaloFogger™ we are sure to keep your nursing home and assisted living facility as clean as possible. 


Creating a Cleaning Plan for Your Assisted Living Facility 

Phoenix Services will listen carefully to your specific needs in order to create a comprehensive plan that keeps your assisted living facility cleaned the way you see fit. However often you need your assisted living facility cleaned, we will develop a routine to fit your demands. 


Our team will support you with the following assisted living cleaning services:

  • Restroom Sanitation Care includes

    • Toilets
    • Sinks
    • Tubs
    • Showers
  • Carpet and Upholstery Care

    • Chairs
    • Sofas
    • Carpets
    • Rugs
  • Recycling Programs

  • Floor care

    • Wood
    • Marble 
    • Tiles
    • Carpet.
    • Stone Floor Polishing
  • Day/ Night porter services

  • Complete window washing

  • Power washing

  • Eco bio-cleaning

  • Enviro-safe-99.99% sanitation


Count on our Team

Combined, our team has several decades of experiences in the cleaning and disinfecting industry. We bring you a staff of professionals who want to satisfy you with the best assisted living facility services possible. We know what it takes to be the top in the assisted living cleaning industry. Our janitorial professionals are always punctual, friendly, work quickly, and efficiently. They will ensure every area is cleaned and sanitized rigorously.

At Phoenix Service LLC, we have the tools and the knowledge to provide you with assisted living cleaning services that are safe for your employees as well as your patience and their families. Our team is always standing by to help you get what you need. So do not hesitate to contact us today to set up a consultation to discuss with us your custom eco-friendly assisted living cleaning service.

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