5 Ways Your Janitorial Service Can Help Flu-Proof Your Office


As a business owner, you don’t want to see your employees get sick. This can have an impact on the productivity of the workplace and lower morale. While people can get sick any time during the year, there are certain times when the likelihood of certain illnesses increases. During the fall, the flu season is in full swing. To reduce the chances of this sickness being passed around your office, you will want to turn to the office cleaners for help. Here are 5 ways your janitorial service can help flu-proof your office.

Ways Your Cleaning Service Helps Flu-Proof Your Office

Your janitorial service does a lot to keep your office looking amazing and your employees safe. Flu season is a great time to turn to them and have them help reduce the chances of everyone getting sick. Below are some of the ways that your commercial cleaning service can help with this endeavor.

1. They Have the Right Cleaning Products

Your janitorial service already has some good products to keep your office sparkling. However, when flu season rolls around, you may need them to pull out all the stops to reduce the chance of this virus spreading. They may not be able to eliminate it completely, but they can help reduce the chances of it spreading.

Having the right cleaning products is imperative. The office cleaners should have products that will kill viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. With these products, they can reduce how and where these illness-causing germs grow. This can lower the chances of the flu spreading to all employees in the building.

2. They Have the Right Cleaning Methods

In addition to having the right cleaning products, it’s also important to know where and how to clean. Things such as doorknobs, touchpads, shared computer equipment, phones, and light switches often get overlooked, but these are items that people are constantly touching. By keeping these and other items clean with the right cleaning materials, the spread of the flu virus can be reduced.

Not only will your cleaning crew clean all those places that multiple people touch, but they will have a process in place that can reduce the spread of germs. This often includes having a specific set of cleaning towels that can only be used in certain areas. For example, they will have a set of cleaning products that are only used in the bathroom, a set that is used for the breakroom, and another set for cleaning desks.

Having a variety of cleaning materials reduces the chance of harmful things being spread from one area to another. This time of the year, the flu is a major concern. However, you also don’t want a cloth that was used to clean a toilet touching the countertop where food sits in the breakroom. This can cause of host of issues.

Your cleaning crew will be trained and aware of these dangers and have a system and/or process in place. This is a good way to prevent the spread of the flu virus and other contaminants around your office.

3. They Take out the Trash

When a person is coming down with the flu, they will often have a runny nose or cough. To prevent getting their germs on other people, they will reach for a tissue and use this to cover their mouth. This is helpful in keeping germs contained, but something has to be done with the used tissues once they have been thrown away.

Having a commercial cleaning service that comes in and takes care of the trash every night will reduce the surfaces that the flu virus lives on. The fewer chances there are of this virus floating around the office, the better that is for you and your employees.

4. They Have the Right Gear

When it comes to cleaning the office, your janitorial service has the right gear—and this goes beyond cleaning products. It refers to clothing, gloves, and masks. They can keep an area clean and reduce the spread of germs and do so in a manner that is safe and effective. Since they wear protective equipment, they can reduce the chances of coming down with the flu so they can keep your office clean.

5. They Can Do Their Job Efficiently and Effectively

When it comes to reducing the chances of your employees getting sick, you want to make sure your office is cleaned properly and effectively. Your cleaning service will be trained in industry best practices and will have the skills and ability to reduce germs and make your office shine. This is just what you need to ensure that employees stay healthy through the fall so you can run your business successfully.

Ways You Can Help Reduce the Flu Virus

Your cleaning service will be the main line of defense when it comes to reducing the flu virus in your office. However, they can’t do the job alone. There are some things you can (and should) do to help reduce the chances of your employees getting sick in the fall.

1. Encourage Good Handwashing

Your employees’ hands touch a lot of surfaces. If they aren’t washing them properly, this can spread the flu virus and other germs throughout your space. Make sure to encourage good handwashing and post reminders in the bathroom and breakroom about the best handwashing procedures. Your cleaning crew will ensure that they have the soap to accomplish this goal, but you need to make sure the employees are doing their part.

2. Use Sanitizers and Disinfectant Wipes

During the day, when your cleaning crew might not be in the office, consider having your employees use disinfectant wipes to keep their area clean and germ-free. It only takes a few seconds to wipe down keyboards, phones, and other devices, and this can reduce the chance of germs being spread.

In addition, if you are worried that your employees aren’t washing their hands the way they are supposed to, you might consider placing sanitizer around the workspace. This will allow them to get their hands clean and reduce the spread of pathogens through touch.

3. Have Cleaning Done More Often

The fall can be an incredibly dangerous time of the year when it comes to the flu virus, so to reduce the risk of employees getting sick and missing work, you might consider having office cleaning done by your janitorial service provider more often. Bringing in your experienced and skilled cleaning crew may be all that you need to keep everyone in the office healthy.

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