Cleaning Tips For Allergy Sufferers | 5 Tips For Surviving Pollen Season

Do you suffer from allergies? Cannot seem to get them under control? You might need to rethink how you are cleaning your spaces. Over 40% of the population worldwide seem to suffer from allergies. Allergies can not only be a hassle but get in the way of a normal daily task. Sometimes it is also difficult to determine whether one is suffering from an illness or allergies. With this day and age, it is crucial to understand if you have symptoms of something that is contagious.

To avoid possible confusion and suffering, dealing with allergies before they occur is the best possible solution. Knowing your individual needs and accounting for them can help you in the long run. A large part of this is how you handle the cleaning. Below are some quick tips for allergy sufferers and cleaning tips for allergy sufferers.

Reduce allergens when possible

When one suffers from allergies, it is usually a recurring happening. If you are one that knows you will suffer from allergies, there are steps you can take to prevent your suffering in the first place. While allergies are sometimes inevitable, there are ways to control your risk of being more exposed. Avoiding allergies and helping reduce your reaction is a lot easier when prepared for the season. Some quick tips for allergy sufferers and steps you can take to prevent taking a hit from your allergic reactions include
Removing clothes or shoes before entering your home
Your shoes and clothes harness elements from outside even if you cannot see them in plain sight. Avoiding bringing these harmful elements can save you from extended exposure. This is one of the most crucial cleaning tips for allergy sufferers that can save you a lot of time and money.

Reduce dust-collecting items

By avoiding small nicknacks or clutter in your home, you can reduce the ability for pollen, dust, and other allergens to find a comfortable spot to stay. This gives you the ability to also embrace the minimalist look!

Ice cubes!

Recently there has been a huge surge of new plant lovers. While this creates great happiness for many people, it can also create a great place for allergens to feast. If you own many plants, watering them can introduce mold by growing in standing pools of water. By using ice cubes to water your plants instead of standing water, you can avoid this issue altogether while still giving the best care to your plant babies.

Close your windows

With having technology at our fingertips at every moment comes tremendous benefits. One of which is having the ability to know the days with high pollen alerts. Before you open your windows on those beautiful spring days, make sure to check to see if the pollen count will allow you. If it is too high, you might have to sacrifice the fresh air to ensure you will not be welcoming harmful allergens.

Air filters

Air filters can have a major effect on the quality of the air you are breathing in. This is so important, especially when it comes to protecting against allergies. Investing in a HEPA air filter will help navigate the allergens out of your air, which means out of your life and body.

Limit humidity

Keeping your home cool will limit the humidity in your house by a great amount. Humidity creates the perfect environment for harmful allergens to grow and survive, therefore keeping your space as low in humidity as possible will help your cause.

Get organized

Clean on a schedule

One of the main quick tips for allergy sufferers is to keep track of your cleaning! Your home is a potential trigger zone for your allergies, and keeping on top of it is crucial to avoid unneeded suffering. Grab a calendar, put it on your refrigerator, or simply jot it in your cellphone notes. However, you see the best way to keep your cleaning on track, do it. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Dust weekly

Have you ever heard of a microfiber cloth? Well if not let us shed some light on the possibility of eliminating your allergens. Dusters can be like brooms in the sense that they have the tendency to just spread allergens around your house instead of eradicating them. In contrast, microfiber cloths grab onto the smallest of particles and trap them in so they do not spread.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Similar to a duster, a broom will just spread allergens around. They tend to kick up more dirt than they pick up. To avoid harmful allergens, it is recommended that you vacuum as often as possible with a vacuum containing a HEPA filter that traps pollen, dust, dander, and other allergen triggers.

Pay attention to details

Clean bedding

This might seem like an obvious one, but is it so important. Sheets contain a very dense amount of allergen-triggering materials, as well as pillows and mattresses. Especially if you own a pet that makes their home in your bed, you are very much at risk for exposing yourself to harmful materials when you are sleeping. Making a point to clean everything on your bed at least twice a week will help save you from suffering from allergies.


Limit time outside

Although it is hard to say, limiting time outside is a large factor in limiting exposure to allergens. If you are really suffering, limiting your exposure time outside helps. Although if you follow our other cleaning tips for allergy sufferers, you might be able to skip or limit this step! 🙂

Professional help

All of this can seem time-consuming and overwhelming. Although it is completely necessary as allergies can hinder your ability before daily tasks. The importance of these steps creates a need for pursuing them- but sometimes it is impossible to do alone. That is why we are here to help! With our extensive knowledge and experience, we have the ability to help with these steps.

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