Cleaning Company In Alexandria VA | 4 Reasons Phoenix Service is the Best

Looking to hire a cleaning company? Want to make sure you are getting the best quality at the best price? You are looking for Phoenix Service. We offer a variety of services while being trustworthy and professional. When looking into Cleaning Companies in Alexandria VA and Cleaning Companies in Washington D.C, you will not find more of a perfect option than us. We value effeicenty, experience, customer service and reasonable prices at the highest level. This puts us ahead of other companies as so often they are lacking our perfected system.


1. Excellent Customer Service

Cleaning Company In Alexandria VA We here at Phoenix put our customers first. As a local Cleaning Company In Alexandria VA and a Cleaning Company in Washington D.C– we treat our customers with the utmost respect and consideration. We consistently build strong relationships with our customers and continue to give them the best service throughout many years.

Our company offers a variety of different ways of communication to ensure that we connect with our clients in the best way for them. When you can call us, we’ll respond promptly and offer you a chance to explain your requirements. We’ll then form a team of experts to be in charge of your cleaning assignment. We always tell our employees, our company exists because of our customers.

We fulfill this mantra by showing our customers the best service around. Part of this service is providing the most competitive rates in the market. There are no hidden charges, so you are aware of what you are paying up front. Everyone deserves to live and work in a clean environment, therefore phoenix makes it possible by offering some of the lowest prices for any Cleaning Companies in Alexandria VA, and Cleaning Companies in Washington D.C. 

2. Trustworthy and Professional

We recognize that having strangers in some of your most personal spaces can feel intrusive and leave you feeling on defense. Having people move through your space to give the most quality clean can feel a little invasive. There is no need to worry about us, as we hire only the most qualified employees.



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We ensure this by our rigorous hiring processes that include a background check, so we know that our employees are to be trusted. These background checks include criminal records and whether they abuse drugs. All our employees coming into your space have been completely certified, their employment history verified, and passed a drug screening and background check. We promise professionalism by re-training our employees on ethics and discharge of duties. We do not take chances when it comes to the quality of our employees to ensure the best experience for our customers. 

3. Bonded, Certified and Insured

Being titled the best Cleaning Company in Alexandria VA and the best Cleaning Company in Washington D.C does not come easily. With years of delivering first-class cleaning at an economic price, Phoenix employees are bonded, certified, and insured to provide top-notch results. We prioritize our customers to have the cleanest environments.


Therefore, we hire only certified and trained individuals. This training is followed by continuous education while employed with us. This education allows them to be proficient in our technology and equipment. Being insured allows us to make sure we are protecting our employees and clients against any form of liability. If there is an accident during the cleaning process in your home or workspace (which almost never happens) you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of by our insurance company. Our staff is closely monitored to make sure they are clear of what the client expects and lower turnover rate. Our inspectors and experienced supervisors enforce quality control mechanisms to ensure we meet or even exceed the industry standards.

4. We Offer a Variety of Services

Hire a Professional Cleaning CompanyOur priorities lay in providing a safe and clean environment to our clients and community. By doing this, we offer the most diverse cleaning services in the area. From your floors to your windows, Phoenix has you covered. We are unlike any other company, as we do commercial cleaning services, residential cleaning services, office cleaning services, and eco-friendly services.


With each service, we promise a perfectly sparkling environment after our team is done with your space. We have become the top choice of cleaning company in Alexandria VA and cleaning company in Washington D.C when it comes to commercial services. With our knowledge, expertise, equipment, and personnel we are equipped to perfect any and all commercial cleaning projects.


We cater to every facility, covering all your requirements, concerns, and especially your budget. Therefore, our service leaves you feeling good about your purchase and with a clean and organized work environment suitable to increase productivity amongst your employees. We are not limited to any type of facility, as our trained staff is able to accommodate any space. Our staff is expected to show up on time, perform a flawless job, and leave you with a smile on your face.

It’s What We Do Best

Everything is sanitized and cleaned, leaving no trace behind. You will not find better floor cleaning services outside of our company.  They will do everything to ensure they exceed your expectations. We can clean all floor surfaces, including carpets, tiles, marble, wood, and concrete. Other services we offer include sanitization, eco bio-cleaning, power washing, window washing, night/day janitorial services, and floorcare.


When dealing with residential cleanings, there are boundaries that clients set into place. Our staff will always respect those lines while providing you a perfect cleaning service. We have many satisfied clients in Virginia who keep referring new clients to us. We clean both condominiums and apartments for corporate and personal residences. You can choose weekly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, or even monthly cleaning.


We offer Power washer – garage maintenance, apartment turnover, window washing, recycling programs, upholstery and carpet care, restroom sanitation, and cleaning of the condo complex. We also customize all cleaning plans so you are able to have special requests fulfilled when needed, unlike any other Cleaning Company in Alexandria VA, and Cleaning Company in Washington D.C.


Choose Phoenix 

All in all, we are the best in the business for our clients. Through our excellent customer service, trustworthy and certified team working towards our variety of services- we are here for you. We have high expectations when it comes to clean and so should our clients. We are here to provide a clean and safe environment in your home or office.

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