The importance of A Clean Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities are a place that people trust with their loved ones. There is a huge responsibility to provide the best care possible for these residents. Of the many loved ones that reside in these facilities, not one should be left unsatisfied within reason. A large part of this satisfaction includes living in a clean space. Sanitation not only represents a healthy space but a loving and fulfilling space. In today’s world, cleanliness is a priority to everyone. Due to COVID-19, a clean assisted living facility has never been more important. In these facilities, you are responsible for the most vulnerable population to COVID-19. This means that your attention to protecting against this virus and others should be second to none. Hiring a professional janitorial service or professional cleaning company can allow you to be ensured that you are doing everything in your power to protect your staff, residents, and their families. Professionals can provide peace of mind for your community within your facility, allowing for a better quality of life overall.

Harmful risks in facilities

Over the past two decades, living facilities have transformed. What began as a human rights movement for better living facilities turned into a multi-billion dollar business that houses hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans. A lot of residents have some type of underlying health condition that makes it hard to live independently. Since this is the case, there are a lot of things that can prove harmful to these residents. One big factor includes dangerous bacteria that can even be fatal to the healthiest of residents. Things like a common cold or other everyday sicknesses to the average person can end up being tragic for residents of assisted living facilities. Hiring a professional cleaning company can help eliminate these scary risks. In a clean assisted living facility, life is overall shown to be more fulfilling to residents and staff.

Quality of life for residents

In an assisted living facility, there are a plethora of dangers that can prohibit residents from living their most fulfilled life. Hiring a professional janitorial service can help provide the best environment for a quality life within your facility. Keeping a clean assisted living facility proves to help in infection prevention, residents movement improvement, overall residential satisfaction, increased performance from staff and risk reduction. When someone works or lives in a place that is not clean, the quality of life automatically diminishes.

Keeping business

Cleanliness, specifically now has gained a large influence on how we as people perceive things. There is a large emphasis in most industries to have a high standard of sanitization now more than ever. People have become increasingly vigilant about disinfecting and cleaning within their own homes, businesses, and just about everywhere else. This standard does nothing but increase when it comes to assisted living facilities. Families largely base their choices of living facilities based on the hygiene standards of the places. Now we look in general more meticulously in every place we are, let alone an assisted living facility. This same attitude is carried over when families are looking for the best place for their loved ones. When considering options for an assisted facility, cleanliness not only shows a dedication to health but to the overall wellness for residents. By hiring a professional cleaning company, you can ensure that families will notice the quality of cleanliness that is highlighted in the facility. Missing the importance of a clean environment will directly cost an assisted living facility business. Putting yourself in the situation, if your mother/father or other loved one was placed in an assisted living facility- you would obviously want the best care possible for them. Walking into where your loved one is, you see a dirty, unkempt space. This would seem like neglect of someone you hold closest to your heart. Any reasonable person would not be happy with their living situation and would likely move somewhere else. This can result in not only losing that client but encouraging bad press and reviews likely deterring other possible clients away.

Why Phoenix Service

Phoenix Service, LLC has extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best cleaning services available. We cater to every facility. This means we are able to offer individualized programs to serve what is best for each facility we clean. Through this we are able to ensure that each client has the ability to tell us certain requirements, concerns, and budgets. For a clean assisted living facility, we are able to cater to each requirement set by the government along with having knowledgeable insight on the best practices for the safety of your staff and residents along with efficiency. Our team is known for their swiftness, which is a priority in a clean living facility. We acknowledge the importance of the choice, independence, privacy, and homelike environment of the facility. Every residential facility is unique. We customize to the requirements, concerns, and budget of each of our clients.


Therefore we are able to ensure that we will make a program that is effective and cost-efficient. This also means we have the ability to accommodate what is best for your staff, residents, and their families.
There is a new pressure to have a clean assisted living facility and disinfected environment at all times, which can be hard to stay on top of, but it is crucial. Unfortunately, there is no option to ease up on disinfecting protocol at this time. So hiring a professional cleaning company is a great way to keep on top of your high standard of clean while not wearing on your staff. Time is money. It takes time to train staff to be able to effectively clean. With the ongoing pandemic, there is a high risk when you do not use a professional cleaning service. The most vulnerable to COVID-19 are in your care and that is a large responsibility. When you hire a professional cleaning business, that responsibility can be lifted off of you and your staff. COVID-19 has added stress to everyone’s lives. Questioning if your residents are actively safe from pathogens in the facility you are running should not be one of your stresses. We are a team of trained professionals that are extremely experienced in what we do. You can trust us to provide a safe environment for your staff, residents and family.

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